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Forklift Operator Training
OSHA Forklift Operator Certification Training Classes
for all Commercial and Industrial Applications and All Forklift Makes and Models

Our commitment to partnering with you extends to our comprehensive training programs and beyond. Our instructors offer operator training and provide plenty of supporting materials for equipment operation, maintenance and service.


OSHA Certified Forklift Operator Training

You’ve made an investment with your purchase of Komatsu equipment; shouldn’t you also invest in your crew? An equipment operator with finely honed skills and a deep understanding of the job at hand can make a great machine work better and contribute to the success of your business. Conversely, without the necessary training, an operator can have a negative impact on productivity — and your bottom line.

Our operator training programs will emphasize how to mitigate equipment wear and tear, lessen repair costs and down time, and extend machine life, as well as complying with State and Federal Law.

To learn more about our operator training options, contact us today at 716-373-2000.

Why invest in training with Cubic Storage?

  • Subject matter expertise you can count on

  • Tools and materials to help you educate your team

  • Actionable learning that can lead to enhanced performance, machine up-time and safety

  • An array of options available to meet the unique needs of your operation

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