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IC pneumatic forklift


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IC pneumatic forklift



  • Tire type: Pneumatic

  • Power type: Diesel

  • Capacity: 8,000 - 11,000 lbs.

Construction strong

Are you burning out your forklift fleet by constantly shuttling 8k-11k loads? Maybe you need forklifts designed to handle such heavy duty with ease. The FH series integrates components and technology proven over many years in Komatsu’s wheel loaders, bulldozers and excavators, so you know they’re built tough. The hydrostatic drive system gives them the ability to cycle through operations with virtually no wear on drive and brake components, meaning more uptime and lower cost of ownership than traditional torque converter systems, even in the most demanding applications.

  • Reduced fuel consumption while reducing particulate exhaust by 90%

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Less maintenance and higher productivity with Hydrostatic Drive

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Highly efficient proprietary diesel technology


The FH family diesel engines are EPA certified Tier 4 Final, designed to reduce fuel use and significantly reduce exhaust particulate matter. They incorporate Komatsu proprietary technologies like Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, variable flow turbocharger and much more.

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Makes engine revving unnecessary


Featuring a variable displacement pump with closed-center load sensing system, the FH family allows for controlled fluid flow in the hydraulic system while lifting, resulting in no engine revving and reduced fuel consumption.

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Designed to lower operating costs


The highly efficient, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission (HST) hydraulic pump and motor system increases operator control, minimizes power transmission loss, boosts fuel savings and reduces environmental impact.

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Best-in-class warranty


Expect years of trouble-free service. But just in case, Komatsu stands behind the product with the longest and strongest warranty in the industry, up to 24 months and unlimited hours, 60mo/8k hours drive train. That’s coverage you can count on.

Forklift_FH35_50_literature link_Komtrax.jpeg

Technology that helps you manage your fleet


Komatsu’s Komtrax proprietary wireless tracking and reporting system allows the forklift to communicate daily usage, fuel consumption, operator productivity and more. Easy to use and web-based, it gives you secure usage data anywhere, anytime.

Forklift_FH35_50_literature link_FH-2_FH35-2_DSC07132E1.jpeg

Engineered to exacting standards


Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES) are design and manufacturing standards that exceed those required in the industry. Through KES, we strive to deliver unmatched quality and durability across all our mining, construction and forklift machines.

Standard Specifications for FH35/50

  • Komatsu Diesel Engine - EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant
    - Heavy duty high pressure common rail system
    - Air to air charge air cooling system
    - Sedimenter with priming pump
    - Electronic engine control system
      o Overheat prevention function
      o Auto engine warm-up function
      o Auto air preheat function

  • Cyclone air cleaner (double element)

  • Auto engine shutdown function

  • Variable engine output control function

  • High efficiency fuel filter

  • Variable displacement pump with CLSS

  • Electronically-controlled HST

  • Wet disc brakes

  • Parking brake with release button (with parking brake reminder caution)

  • Plastic overhead guard cover

  • Neutral start function

  • Speed limiter function

  • Operator presence sensing system

  • Key-off lift lock

  • Full suspension seat w/ orange belt

  • Fully hydrostatic power steering

  • Tiltable steering column

  • Small diameter steering wheel with spinner knob

  • Steering knob synchronizer function

  • Standard directional lever

  • Combination switch (turn signal lamp &
    lamp switch)

  • Large LCD color display monitor
    - Engine coolant temperature indicator
    - Fuel gauge
    - Hour meter (SMR)
    - Preheating pilot indicator
    - Over speed caution
    - Parking brake indicator
    - Seat belt caution indicator

  • Overspeed warning buzzer

  • Paper binder on engine hood

  • Floor mat

  • Assist grip

  • LED headlights & LED rear combination lights

  • Upward exhaust pipe (Right side)

  • 3-way control valve with port relief

  • Komtrax: Komatsu's state of the art remote monitoring system

  • Sealed connectors

  • Flat face-to-face O-ring seals

  • Fuel cap with key

  • Key cylinder cover

  • Load checker (equipped with a buzzer)


  • Front single drive, pneumatic

  • Rear steer tires, pneumatic

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